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Swim. Exercise. Relax.

Swim, jog, walk, and exercise in water without the stress gravity has on your body. Relax with massaging spa jets in the perfect water temperature, year-round. This alternative to a pool has benefits for you and your entire family.

Choose from two premium lines of swim spas by Master Spas, the world’s largest swim spa manufacturer.

100% Made in America

Quality Construction

15 Models to Choose From

Discover what adventures await with a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa:


We want every person, every athlete, to have the opportunity to be their best self — whether it’s prioritizing wellness or making it to the top of the podium. We are proud to support these athletes as they strive to win their day.

Find the best swim spa for you and your space:

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A great pool alternative

„My husband and I debated whether to put in a pool but decided that we didn’t want to wreck a large part of the yard in order to do so. Also, the swim spa is practical to use yearround, unlike an in-ground pool.“

— Glenna, California

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Relief from my pain

„I had back surgery and needed a low-impact workout and a way to strengthen my core. I’ve lost weight, and my back feels better! Plus the jets help massage my back. I’m definitely motivated to work out!“

— Korinne, Texas

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Low-impact exercise

„I truly enjoy swimming, stretching, walking against the current, and using the exercise equipment that came with the spa in a much lower-impact environment than at the gym.“

— Leah, Texas

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At Master Spas, we make buying a hot tub or swim spa just as relaxing as using one.

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